Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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The next day, Bertilak set out again with his huntsmen. This time, Bertilak faced a more dangerous beast in the hunt, the wild boar. The boar had injured some hounds. The arrows used by the bowmen proved to ineffective against he boar's hide.

The knight's tale

Bertilak chased the wild boar all day. Finally cornering the boar at the river.

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The boar charged at Bertilak. Both Bertilak and the boar fell in the water. Bertilak killed the boar with his sword. At the castle, the host's wife continued her attempts to seduce Gawain. Gawain had more difficulties diverting the beautiful lady. The lady tested Gawain' restraint to the limits, because she was one of the fairest in the land. Again he accepted another kiss, before she departed from his bedchamber.

When Bertilak returned to the castle, offering his today's game to Gawain. In return, Gawain kissed his host. The next day, Bertilak hunt the wily fox that managed to elude the hunters with cunning, before Bertilak managed to kill the fox. Meanwhile, at Gawain's bed, the game of seduction continued between the lady and the hero.

Finally, the hostess gave up all hopes to seduce Gawain. The lady asked for Gawain's gloves as his token of love to her, while she would give him her ring. The hero refused to accept the ring. Gawain even refused her silk, green girdle, until the knight learned that her belt could protect from harm. The lady claimed that her girdle was a talisman. Realising the enormity of accepting the challenge from the Green Knight, he could not see how he could escape death from being beheaded.

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Gawain accepted her gift, and hid the girdle in his clothes. Gawain received another kiss from the fair lady. When Bertilak returned with the dead fox, he gave the fox to Gawain. Gawain gave his host another kiss, but did not give the girdle to Bertilak. Bertilak ordered one of his servants to guide Gawain to the Green Chapel.

Outside of the chapel, the hero met the Green Knight. As they had agreed on Christmas Day, last year, Gawain would receive a blow in return from the Green Knight's axe. When Gawain saw the axe descending towards his neck, he flinched causing the Green Knight to turn aside the blow. The Green Knight berated Gawain, because he did not flinch, when Gawain severed his head from his body. Gawain vowed that he would not flinch again.

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The second time the Green Knight brought the axe down on Gawain's neck, he deliberately missed to see if Gawain was true to his promise of not flinching. Gawain became angry at the delay and told him finish this business.

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The third time the Green Knight delivered the blow, the Green Knight again deliberately missed the hero's neck, only drawing a little blood from a small nick. On Christmas Day, he prays to find a place to hear Mass, then looks up to see a castle shimmering in the distance. The lord of the castle welcomes Gawain warmly, introducing him to his lady and to the old woman who sits beside her. For sport, the host whose name is later revealed to be Bertilak strikes a deal with Gawain: the host will go out hunting with his men every day, and when he returns in the evening, he will exchange his winnings for anything Gawain has managed to acquire by staying behind at the castle.

Gawain happily agrees to the pact, and goes to bed. The first day, the lord hunts a herd of does, while Gawain sleeps late in his bedchambers. Gawain puts her off, but before she leaves she steals one kiss from him. That evening, when the host gives Gawain the venison he has captured, Gawain kisses him, since he has won one kiss from the lady.

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The second day, the lord hunts a wild boar. The third day, the lord hunts a fox, and the lady kisses Gawain three times. She also asks him for a love token, such as a ring or a glove. Gawain refuses to give her anything and refuses to take anything from her, until the lady mentions her girdle. The green silk girdle she wears around her waist is no ordinary piece of cloth, the lady claims, but possesses the magical ability to protect the person who wears it from death.

The host gives Gawain the fox skin he won that day, and they all go to bed happy, but weighed down with the fact that Gawain must leave for the Green Chapel the following morning to find the Green Knight. If he is anything indeed, he is the lord of the wilderness — the haut desert — and his Chapel by the river is, as Gawain says, where the devil might sing his matins around midnight. While in some way the story may draw on older legends with possible folkloric links to the greenwood for example in referencing the intense green of the holly bough in Fitt 1 , by the time this story was written, a greater Christian morality was more firmly stamped.

Indeed, if we view the poem alongside all the others which feature in the greater manuscript which is Cotton Nero A. We are told of shame, sin and pride. This is the work of a poet-mentor. The significance of the Green Man, if indeed he has significance to this story, most likely rests in earlier tales lost to us.

Come you there, be you killed, as that knight does ride. He is a human being shackled by the dark forces of a hideous black magic. He is not a bringer of life and rebirth save only this: Gawain's salvation at the end occurs on the Feast of Circumcision; Gawain has had a spiritual - not a natural - rebirth. Thank you for supporting my translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight , the greatest poem of the Alliterative Revival of the fourteenth century. But the journey is not over…. If so, please check your copy of Gawain and use the special promotion code on the cardboard additional bookmark supplied with your book.

It would be super to have you on board for my next journey into the poetic majesty which is the Middle English of the fourteenth century Alliterative Revival - as indeed it would be for any new subscriber with an interest in my work. I wonder if I should be concerned. I haven't gotten my copy yet? So I would think I should have it by now. Is there a way to check if there is a problem?

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Unbound requires JavaScript, and may not work correctly without it. Find out how to enable it. The folklore of the Green Man The Green Man in folklore is perhaps best known from carvings in churches and other buildings.