Locked In (Jessica Daniel Series Book 1)

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The killer leaves the body in a locked house and shows no obvious means of entry to the property.

DS Jessica Daniel Series Books 1-3

This is the classic locked room scenario. As further similar murders occur, Jessica is pulling out her hair trying to find how the murder victims connect. The press are not making it easy for her and someone seems to be tipping them off. In her home life, Jessica flat shares with Caroline and is single. This is a great introduction to Jessica Daniel. She is the star of the show.

I hope in the following books, we get more about what makes her tick.

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She seemed rather fiery and blunt. I did wonder about the level of responsibility she had in her job. Would a Detective Sergeant be leading on a case? As for the story itself, I am sure many crime fan will join the dots and work out whodunnit pretty quickly. I was instantly suspicious of a certain character and was proved right.

I was willing Jessica on to look at the simplest solution and not get caught up in the drama of the locked room mystery. A good solid start to the series and one that has a great deal to offer crime fans.

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It is based in the Manchester and I am always a fan of northern crime reads. I look forward to diving into Vigilante and seeing where Kerry Wilkinson goes next with this series. Skip to content. Published February 2o13 by Pan When a body is found in a locked house, Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is left to not only find the killer but discover how they got in and out. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading I read up about it - three chapters to an agent, wait for six weeks, etc - but I figured life is too short.

I sent stuff off to a couple of agents, largely because it felt like I should, and then I thought "sod it" - and self-published.

Locked in (Jessica Daniel 1)

It all seemed as scattergun as self-publishing. I was never fussed about publishing deals or money. How about now? Are you currently represented by an agent and are you working with a publishing house? I ended up with an agent pretty quickly, almost by accident. An agent downloaded and read my book, liked it, then emailed me.

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After it took off, I had more than two-dozen offers from other agents, ranging from full representation to "would you like to meet for a coffee? There were a few names on that list who represented some very famous people, not just authors, but I'd already been working with mine for a couple of months by then. She contacted me because she liked the book; they contacted me because they saw pound signs.

I am currently signed up with Pan Macmillan for 13 books in all.

Five of them are out, including three that were originally self-published. Back to your most successful protagonist; if you could pinpoint one thing that has grabbed readers about Jessica Daniel, what would it be? Generally speaking, she's pretty normal.

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  4. Everyone wants to stand out with a first book, so their protagonist has something horrific in their past, or they're an alcoholic, and so on. Life's not like that. Jessica has two parents with whom she gets on and a best mate that she lives with. She drinks a bit, eats too much, and so on. Instead of saying that a character's life is a mess because of something that happened off-page in their past, with Jessica, a reader gets to experience her triumphs and mistakes over the course of the series.

    Thicker Than Water, the sixth in the series, is out in October. After that, I'm contracted to Pan Macmillan for three more.

    There'll be another out in Probably more after that, too. And can you tell us a little bit more about the Silver Blackthorn series? I've never been a crime reader and you wouldn't need all of your fingers to count the number of mystery books I've read in my life. I like science fiction, fantasy and comic books. It's set a little in the future, with a teenage girl as the main character. There are mad kings, underclasses, boy-girl angst, big set-pieces, and, essentially, everything I grew up watching and reading.


    Locked In (Jessica Daniel, #1) by Kerry Wilkinson

    Under the Jessica contract, Pan Macmillan get first dibs on anything I write. My agent sent it over and they bought the trilogy a few weeks later. The first book is out in and I'm really looking forward to it. As a whole, it is the best thing I've ever done in my life. Well, if my wife is reading this, marrying her was the best thing Finally, back to some questions on self-publishing. Are you in regular contact with other authors who have self-published?

    Is this important?