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In , at the age of 14, Ringo's family set out for California, heading west from Missouri on the Oregon trail. The conflict led to an altercation on the night of July 29 near the Deer Creek Station in present day Glenrock, Wyoming. That evening, a Cheyenne warrior shot a member of the traveling party and took three of their horses. While standing guard over the camp the next morning, Johnny's father Martin Ringo accidentally discharged his shotgun, killing himself in the process.

Wyatt Earp walking on water against Curly Bill Brocius

He was buried a few miles west of Glenrock, near the Oregon Trail. A historical marker was later placed near the grave site by the Oregon-California Trails Association. As the oldest son, Johnny and his family continued on the wagon trail to California, where they settled. Ringo would later earn a reputation as one of the deadliest outlaws in the west. In the mids, he became involved in the famed Mason County War of Texas. Some historians believe Ringo may have even shared a jail cell with notorious gunfighter John Wesley Hardin.

I saw him do it.

Outlaws of Tombstone (Curly Bill and Johnny Ringo)

Confessions of Johnny Ringo , a fictionalized memoir. Ringo is depicted as a bookish and introspective observer of his era whose sweetheart is killed by Union troops during the Civil War. He is driven to become an outlaw until he is killed by Wyatt Earp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Johnny Ringo disambiguation. Greens Fork, Indiana.

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Chiricahua range , Cochise County , Arizona Territory. Main article: Mason County War. Retrieved 15 February Gallatin North Missourian. Archived from the original on Tombstone History.

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Curly Bill Brocius - True West Magazine

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Thus, the statement by the coroner's jury is consistent with the conclusion that Ringo's pistol had a spent round in it. In actuality, these men would have realized that Ringo could not have killed himself if no discharged rounds were in his pistol. Many people have speculated that because there was no mention of powder burns on Ringo's face and head that he could not have committed suicide. Henry Smith, the young son of one of the men who had seen the body, years later it is alleged claimed that he had not seen any powder burns on the body. However, Robert Boller - one of the men who found Ringo's body later wrote that "the body had turned black" by the time it was found.

Influences for his Future?

Thus, if Boller's comments are accurate it would probably have been impossible to see the powder burns on Ringo's face or to easily distinguish them because of the poor condition of the body. Ringo's body has been laying in the hot July sun for almost a day. Robert Boller years later wrote a letter to Frank King describing the scene of Ringo's death:. More recently, some people have speculated that because the Coroner's Report stated Ringo "was dressed in a light hat" that this somehow suggests he did not commit suicide.

The thought apparently is that had Ringo shot himself the hat would not have stayed on his head and since he was "dressed in a light hat" someone must have placed it there after the cowboy's death. Yet, what was actually meant by the men who signed the report - that he had a hat on his head when found or that he merely had a hat at the scene but not necessarily on his head? It should be noted that the report does not indicate whether there was a bullet hole in the hat or not.

Had the hat been on Ringo's head when he was killed, due to the trajectory of the blast, a bullet hole would have been present. If there was a bullet hole in the hat, one would think the men would have noted it for the report. And the men surely would have realized that there was no bullet hole in the hat if the hat was still on the cowboy's head when the body was found.

After all, the men paid enough attention to detail to note that one of Ringo cartridge belts was buckled on upside down. So one would think they would have noted that the hat had no bullet hole if the hat was on Ringo's head when the body was found. Robert Boller - one of the men who found Ringo's body later wrote that "His hat, a light colored Stetson about three inch rim, lay beside the rifle.

If Boller's comments are accurate the hat was near the rifle and not on Ringo's head when the body was found. This would explain why there was no reference to a bullet hole either being in the hat or not being in the hat at the time. So Boller's later comments appear to refute the hat theory, just as they refute the cartridge and powder burn theories as well.

Another flaw in Boyer's account is that Doc Holliday was provably in a Colorado court on July 11, Clearly, since Holliday was in Colorado on July 11, he could not have been involved in Ringo's death. Some people in an effort to rehabilitate Boyer's claim have speculated that the charge against Holliday was either forged to provide him with an alibi, or that an attorney had appeared in the Dentist's behalf.

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  • Doc Holliday below had been arrested in May on the charge of Larceny. He was brought to Pueblo, Colorado. He posted a bond and was released. The newspapers at the time commented that Holliday was released on bail, pending the results of the Grand Jury. Thus, Holliday's bond was given to secure his release and probably to ensure his appearance before the Grand Jury. If this was the case then Holliday would have fulfilled his commitment for the bond once he appeared before the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury met on July 10, The court issued a capias warrant for Holliday to be arrested and brought before the court to answer the indictment, and that a bond could be granted the defendant once he was arraigned.

    That same day court documents indicate that Holliday appeared in court "in his own proper person as well as by his attorney. Some people have claimed that the term "in his own proper person" could be interpreted that his attorney appeared for him on July 11, However, this is not a reasonable claim based on the known set of events. Holliday was indicted on July 11, , and an arrest warrant was issued for him.